We put the fun in fundraising…

You may have also noticed that we host a lot of bake sales and craft fair tables. That’s because we’re always looking for creative ways to raise money. Paying presenters and keeping event tickets sliding scale means that we rarely break even at events, and that’s okay. You can help us out by stopping to chat when you see us around the neighborhood, and maybe taking home some of John-Michael’s famous zucchini bread. Also, if you are an event organizer and wouldn’t mind giving us a spot for a table, we’d love to be there!

Where your money goes:

We are a 501(c)3 public charity run by hard-working volunteers. 100% of donations are used to keep us up and running. Our ongoing costs include web hosting, filing fees, and project supplies.

We also believe in fairly compensating artists for their time and work. Each of our featured guests at events will receive a modest payment. Thank you for your support!

TEA at the Jarvis Square Music and Arts Festival

TEA at the Jarvis Square Music and Arts Festival