Pottawattomie Park 2019

Night Out in the Parks

To begin our summer, we volunteered our face painting services at Pottawattomie’s Night Out in the Parks. The movie this year was the original Ghostbusters, and the Windy City Ghostbusters were also there to make the kids’ night memorable by hanging out and posing for pictures. Can we just say that they also made our night! This is us with the first Ghostbuster on the scene, before the park got super busy.


Art Camp

TEA was thrilled to teach at Pottawattomie’s first ever art camp. We spent the week learning about the process artists go through in real life: developing an idea, making a practice version, completing the project, talking about the project with others, and finally…having a show!

The topic was flags, and how flags can represent group and individual beliefs. We learned about historical symbols like horses and eagles that show up on state flags, how abstract flags like Chicago’s use stars to represent important events, and how some contemporary flags like Black Lives Matter use words to get ideas across. The kids chose to make their flags about everything from Ethiopian heritage, the importance of early cancer screening, and love of dogs.

The kids also got to explore other kinds of art along the way, like drumming, origami, and storytelling. Pictured here along with the flags are self-portraits they drew, a banner they made for the show, and a video of the kids being interviewed about the meanings of their flags.

art camp 4.jpg
art camp 1.jpg
art camp 2.jpg
art camp 3.jpg