Do you have an idea for a project? Do you want to TEA to help at your next event?

That’s excellent! We believe some of our greatest strengths come from the collaborations and partnerships we’ve developed with other organizations.

Below, you’ll find the list of guidelines we use to decide whether or not a project is right for us. If you think your project meets the criteria, use the Contact Us page or drop us a line at and tell us what you have in mind.

Collaborative Project Guidelines

  1. Project Support - Collaborative projects must have adequate support, both financial and institutional. We’re not in a place where we can buy your art supplies or convince your boss this is a good idea.

  2. Social Justice – Since we are a progressive organization at heart, we participate in projects that have an overt or implied root in social justice OR in which our component of the project involves social justice.

  3. Autonomy – We participate in projects in which we will have a high degree of organizational autonomy to design the project (or our piece of the larger project). Generally, we seek either an independent or collaborative approach to events. While many of us love doing volunteer work as individuals, we organizationally decline events in which TEA would only be used as volunteer labor.

  4. Number of Events – Gosh, we love being popular! We receive lots of requests from different groups, especially in the summer and early fall. In order to serve as much of the community as possible, we can only participate in up to four events with any one organization per calendar year.